ST 2016Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, FRSPH(UK), CABE


We are excited to offer our new service, Healthy Buildings, through the partnership of Alan Guazzoni Design and      Dr. Taylor, the CEO of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc.

You might ask, "What is a healthy building?" The traditional use of this phrase usually refers to management of the building itself, with goals to reduce energy consumption or use "green" materials". 

Our definition of a "healthy building" is more comprehensive! We strive to understand and optomize not only the building per se, but also the influence of the built environment on your health.

For example, we ask, "Do you or family members have respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma? Would your symptoms be alleviated by careful management of the interior environment?" Without neglecting the efficiency and durability of the building sructure, we address your health needs through thoughtful choices of interior finishes, insulation and exterior materials. In addition, and of critical importance, is control of the indoor air quality. We combine the micro-climate of your building site with natural and mechanical ventilation systems to optimize your indoor climate - in all four seasons!